“Miss Oreoluwa Kushimo is a renowned blogger and a successful entrepreneur, who has various enterprises and has received numerous awards from…”
Okay, stop it now. You’re making me blush
Ore expresses her opinions on various issues that affect and motivate us as human beings, as Africans, as Nigerians and as ladies.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a feminist, but you gotta look out for your own, don’t ya!
We all need inspiration in these trying times , so a daily dose of ‘Ores expression’ wont hurt now, would it?
From topical issues to racial issues, to being motivated, to dealing with every day life and to being free…
I got you covered!
Now, if you’re looking for Forbes Top Ten, and Latest Celebrity Gossip, then, I’ll have to withdraw my cover here.
So, go ahead and explore, and be free!