Are all fingers really not equal? 

So there’s a typical saying which only comes up when things go wrong or when you feel you cant be compared to someone, “After all, all fingers are not equal”. Very true! But that is not a basis for comparison, is it? 

Lets take a look at a group of tiny creatures called ants, though they are small, they have the ability to creatively withstand calamities that would ultimately affect other larger species. They work more than men with hands and complete ‘unequal fingers’, yet all of them are successful, and “equally successful”, I may add. 

Yes, you may say, they are lower animals, and we humans cant be compared to them, but if we can compare ourselves to uneven fingers which are not living, and are a part of our human body, then why cant we do the same with living things which are similar to we humans.

This is what you should know, you can do whatever you decide to do and be successful at it, trust me, as long as you are optimistic about it, you attract a positive aura to that deed and will achieve it in the end. 

You can do whatever you set your mind to do! I repeat, you can do whatever you set your mind to do! Now repeat that to yourself and personalize it; I CAN DO WHATEVER I SET MY MIND. All I need is determination and positive vibes, and those vibes can come from the people you associate with. Leave the people who try to bring you down! You have probably heard a lot of that also, but trust me, the path to success is never easy, so dont make it tougher by carrying other peoples garbage when you have enough to bear by yourself. 

Fine, you may have to struggle more with some other things which comes easier to others, but that shouldn’t make you talk about fingers being unequal, that should make you specialize on what you’re good at and make it the best; does walking come naturally to birds who have wings to fly, or does flying come naturally to man whom has no wings but legs to walk/run/jump. 

The main point is the fact that everyone is blessed with a particular gift that comes naturally, although man tries to classify it and group those categories. 

You have something in you that makes you different and unique, so go ahead, choose to be optimistic, draw that positive aura to yourself and be great! 
We are not all equal, neither are we unequal, we are unique and potential achievers of whatever we set our mind to. 


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