Heartbroken? Or just feeling used… 

Relationships form and last in different ways. We all have various views, opinions and perspectives on the issue of the romantic interaction between two people.

Judging from various gatherings and sources, women tend to give more in a relationship and expect more than what the other person is willing to give. 

Now, I don’t want to delve into the psychology or the emotional and mental make-up of the female gender, so lets move on. 

You see a lot of women (most especially) suffering from what they’ve tagged as ‘heartbreak’, but is that really what it is? 

Most of the time, this is what happens: 

1. You meet a guy

2. Feel he’s funny, hot, handsome and moldable into your dream man (prince charming)

3. So u give yourself up immediately because you visualize what you have in your head rather than viewing reality. 

4. You reveal your vulnerabilities, give up too much emotion, give out more than you’re able.

But PAUSE! Wait a minute… Do you even know what this guy is thinking, have u ever gauged his reaction before opening up ‘pandoras box’  

You have probably set high hopes and expectations; you probably want to get married, have kids (the everywoman cliche want); some dont even want these, you really just want a man, but even that may be too much to ask if your ‘supposed partner’ is not in the same place as you.

You need to realize that peoples comments and actions tell a whole lot about how they feel and think. So pay attention to him at first, do you think he wants the same thing as you, do you feel like you’re giving more than you can (are you draining yourself), come back to reality! Look at him without being sentimental or emotional, be rational and observant in analyzing his feedbacks (now I didn’t say go all FBI on him), but don’t try to make him fit into your perfect picture of a prince charming whereby he’s just charming but still attaining the level of a ‘Prince’. 

We fail to realize that it takes 1+1 to make a relationship work. You cant be the 1′ trying to expand yourself to make up for another 1 to make a two because you just cant, your not enough to cover that and this leaves the empty space 1+?=2 . 

Don’t try to bring someone up to a level they haven’t attained yet in a relationship as this may turn out in a breakup, which may leave you with a broken heart, or a point blank state of feeling used (giving all, but not getting back, which is definitely not heartbreak, or probably even more than heartbreak…)   


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