Go ahead, go find yourself

“Having perfected our disguise, we spend our lives searching for someone we don’t fool”

What makes you You? 
Your environment molds you to become who you are… ?
Your situation and the circumstances surrounding you makes you become who you are?
Your trials and tribulations affect you, and makes you choose a personality?
Is there such a thing as “be yourself”?….
How do I know who I am when all my life Ive been taught about peoples histories, their mistakes, their achievements, Ive been reprimanded when I did something that I felt, Ive been cautioned when I even want to attempt the good. How then am I supposed to find myself.

Its like a plain old brick, it is placed on another brick, plastered with cement, covered in white paint, and the coated again in blue, and then coated again in red, and it goes on repeatedly over time… But did that brick ever want to be blue or red? Did it want cement all over it? 
Have we ever just sat down to think about what we actually want, who we actually are and what we actually want to be and achieve irregardless of ourselves or society plastering us with cement and painting us blue, red, or even black!
Have you ever just reminisced and decided that you’ve had enough of people meddling in your business, you’ve had enough of trying to please people, trying to make them happy or think highly of you, cus trust me, IT AINT WORTH IT! YOU CANNOT and will NEVER BE able to please anybody no matter how hard you try! People are different, with judgmental and sentimental mindsets, some have been so judged that they decide to judge others, so why take the plunge for others unhappiness. Why not go ahead and make one for yourself.
You deserve it! Even though you may have done things you’re not proud of, let it go and free your mind, log on to your happy cloud, do things your own way next time, and whoever cares will love you for you. 


One thought on “Go ahead, go find yourself

  1. Darling, I am so proud of you. Guess what? I am going to take your advice right away and look for my happy cloud as you call it. Love you baby


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