Oh dear, Natural hair?

Its 7am on the dot and shes definitely late for work! Work starts by 8am and she just woke up; trying to quickly get ready, not to even think about the Lagos traffic! Everything is a mess, but worse of all, so is her 4b natural hair…
“Ahhhhhh, I just can’t do this anymore, I need to relax my hair! Its so hard, it has broken all my combs and it doesn’t even lay down for at least a while. Im just tired, I cant deal with this hair again!!!”
“I want to go natural, it looks so nice on the people I see on Instagram and then everyone is doing it now, but my hair is so tough, and then again, I don’t think it’ll ever grow that long; oh no, Im scared, what if it never grows at all, then I remain hairless for the rest of my life!”
 “What if I want to install weaves? I cant leave any hair out! Is this seriously worth it? Maybe God actually provided the relaxers to relieve us of this stress”
“Hmm, madam, Im sorry but we don’t handle this type of hair here, why don’t you try the next saloon”
“So… When are you going to relax your hair, you know it will be longer if you just relaxed it”
“Why do you still have your hair like that, are you ‘deeper life’?”
Oh goodness gracious, the endless thoughts, questions and comments keep coming. Its starting to make me question my decision…
Why then am I going natural?

Am I doing it because everyone is doing it, or because I actually love the fact that I’m accepting my roots…

Do I really love my hair?

Although it comes with a lot of stress, am I ready to overlook it just because I love who ‘I am’?

Gauge yourself Naturalista, and know where you stand here. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t judge relaxers and its users, but we have something in-haired that is just very beautiful, and we just have to realize it! 
Remember, nothing good that lasts comes easy, I know it may take a lot of hard work to make it behave, a lot of money to get it nourished, a lot of time to make it look cute for that date and a lot of patience for it to grow to your amusement, bit its all worth it in the end, when u post your own picture accepting your roots on Instagram then watching other girls also admire you, when you get caught up in the rain, but don’t mind because your hair wont smell awful after a while, also, when your able to swap looks regularly and still look chic!
Its all part of the package Naturalista, embrace that halo around your head cus its who you are, and only you can make that you better! 

Picture from pinterest


2 thoughts on “Oh dear, Natural hair?

  1. Oreoluwa! Wat a luvly writeup! I call it no pain no gain. To go natural, u hv to be patient and dedicated. One beautiful thing happened to me some days ago. I got caught up in the rain and do u knw wat! I cldnt care less cos I knew my hair will never smell. I jus went abt in d rain buying my food stuffs at d market. My natural hair didn’t smell one bit. All I did was rinse it out, dry and oil it. #enjoyingmynaturalhair


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