Coated in Brown, bathed in honey.

Usually born like milk pellets, she soared through the dark life, growing up coarse. Hair turned like roasted peanuts left to dry, skin grazed and burnt due to the revenge of the sun. Feet cracked from the hardness of the ground… She was hard like the bark of the cocoa pod!
“she’s African, so isn’t she made to take all that toughness! she should take all that toughness! But then, whys she so ugly and rough! she looks weird, with her huge lips, large eyes, coarse hair, wide nose, muscled body, wide hips and big bosom. Lord, no!”
But, She repelled at such disdain, She rose up from the dust She knows is home, She found solace in mother nature; cocoa brought its butter to her to make her buttery cocoa, the plantain brought its bark to her to make her plain and clean, the Shea tree brought its butter also to make her soft and brown like warm melted chocolate which cocoa also brought to define her existence, the palm tree took her to the top and showered her with its kernel oil, the coconuts also kept falling and moistening her with its oil. 
Oh, She was a glow! All wrapped up in that earthy goodness. The sun didn’t mind her anymore either, She seemed to repel to all its advances, and She was sweet, as sweet as honey to bees who kept coming back
She was me! She is African! She is Proud & She is sweet…

Picture from instagram


4 thoughts on “Coated in Brown, bathed in honey.

  1. These Africa-centric writings make my heart yearn for everything Africa. Words beautifully crafted, artfully bringing alive vivid images of the natural endowments that fill our fields and nourish our bodies in this continent of Africa!

    Sure, am hooked on Ores Expressions!


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