African Woman!

img_6685I am an African woman!

The color of my skin tells me so. Although Africans are not just subjected to ‘coffee, chocolate or caramel’ but we represent the majority. From the strands on my head to the sole of my feet, I represent a unique diversity.

Although regarded estranged to various wholes, even my own, I fight back the urge to rip apart my heritage, I mentally re-hatch daily in the shell society plasters me with. I go to bed wishing my hair could at least grow beyond the nape of my neck. In my quest to achieve what society regards as beautiful, I work hard enough to posses the long hair, the light skin, the pointed nose, the blue/brown eyes; I know we (females) have the natural urge to always look our best, but I don’t have to look like ‘her’ to look my best, I can be the better me to look the best!

I don’t mind having to spend hours matting my hair before I sleep or pounding roasted plantain barks to make my soap, or extracting the buttery substance from trees to moisturize my skin, because its all in an attempt to explore the better me, to know what heights my natural abilities can attain. I am beautiful, I am strong, I am unique, and I don’t say that hoping you acknowledge or confirm it, but thats what I believe I am, and its not psychosis.

I am an African woman!


38 thoughts on “African Woman!

  1. Nice! Really nice!!! Hope this will rejuvenate another campaign on “black beauty matters” to help black youths embrace their beautiful self, rather than what is being splashed in our eyes as the ideal beauty, Which is nothing more than concretely entrenching the perceived superiority of a Race over the other. It’s a great and wonderful privilege to be born black. Thanks to the pigmentation that gave us the colour and provide us with a natural sunscreen from the Sun to ward off skin cancer!.


  2. What a way and time to retune the memories of our dearselves that Africans are NEVER second class citizens anywhere and everywhere. This is in concert with President Obama’s comment (applaud) on Nigeria (Africa) only yesterday. Keep the flame burning girl.. We are Africa! We are proud we are!!

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  3. A beautiful piece. I candidly wish that our African ladies and guys alike would avail themselves the opportunity to be educated on this subject. The complexion and everything that Africans have been endowed by God is sufficient to make him an ultimate being. Greatness comes from realising the true essence of your being, dark skinned, brown eyes, tough hair and more. The Europeans and Americans which some of us tend to copy are today so crazy about plaiting their hairs and tanning their skin. Obviously, they appreciate your looks which most of us don’t. Again, this is a piece which brings us back to our very roots as Africans.

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  4. As the saying goes, black is beautiful, God in his infinite mercy made us black , so why can’t we believe in the way he created us, cherish it, adore it and promote it? That is why I’m excited with your piece of thought, keep it up our dear baby.

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  5. OreOluwa, truly a rare gift to your generation, Good and unique piece you initiated here. Congrats for this write up reminding us of our Heritage. Hmm, how I desire ladies especially desist from bleaching and mutilating this natural, beautiful God given beauty! Go on girl and speak out much more, the world must be transformed by the deposit of God’s words in you for a better God fearing and thankful generation. Thank you and God bless.

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  6. Black has the greatest value. Being proud of being black brings out all the most attainable value in me. Cherish who you are and bring your best out.

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  7. To a race that was at one time the cradle of ancient civilisation- it is such a cataclysmic reverse that we decended so low to the point of being sold as commodities- thanks to history we can remember great feats of great African women like Candace of Ethiopia and this timely reawakening by Ore. We have began once again to rise like a bird stoned from its resting place. Keep the “Afro-ginger” Ore.

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  8. Wonderful piece zephanie;wish all African and black women around the globe will come to appreciate their color and who they are. We are africans; we are black and we are proud of our color cos black is indeed beautiful. Keep the fire burning. You go girl!!! Waiting for more of this.

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  9. As someone who’s well travelled, the only thing I don’t like about being an African is that “African Mentality” which drives me insane, other than that I love the colour of my skin, culture and heritage.
    I adore and cherish this nice well-composed article from a young beautiful girl like you. Your parents must be very of you, I’m sure.
    It’s a very good thing to love, respect and appreciate your ethnic background and heritage and above all, acknowledging it. God bless you

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  10. Wonderful content here. I hope for more of this promotion of African beauty by the youth of our generation. Great job. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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  11. Yes dear! Bring back our lost pride as an African woman. You are so pure and natural . African is smiling again .. Our Glory is radiating through you.. Thank you for leading a good part to making Africa a voice in the world again…

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  12. Hmmmm! Just thinking about this piece Ore. I think we trivialise things when we feel Ore’s piece is only about the physical look or appearance. I think it’s calling us, Africans, to deeper things, a paradigm shift in our minds, really. Cos like the Holy Book says ‘as a man thinks, so is he…’

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  13. Ore this is an amazing right up and I’m so proud of you. This write up is truly inspiring. Thank you for the eye opener.


  14. I grew up seeing a certain black woman’s poster in my Mum’s room with an inscription ‘Black is Beautiful’.
    It never made meaning to me, until I discovered the only reason why I feel special about me and my culture it’s because ‘I am Black & Proud’ from the best race in the whole wide world.
    Your write up, is a great awakening in this time and season, where most people feel foreign products/designs are better than ours (BLACK) I wish everyone will see this as a clarion call to look inward and appreciate who we are.
    #Buynigeriaandgrowthenaira, #stoppayingpoundstomarrywhitegirls.
    Good job dear.


  15. Wooow it’s simply fully African woman wit dat African look she actually reminds me frm the foot step of goge Africa I raise my two hands for her, go girl


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